1 on 1 Specialized Tutoring

When your kid tutors with me, he or she will feel safe, nurtured, and happy to explore learning, in a very different atmosphere.


Whether the tutoring occurs in person or online with Zoom, the way I approach students is very different than other teachers.


My process of connecting with students is to be very transparent, authentic, and open, which in turn helps my students to be the same. Once I let them know that I am not here to judge them, give them a bad grade, or shame them in any way, they have the freedom to open up about what their troubles have been with learning.


Over the past 14 years in private practice, I have heard everything! And I keep conversations confidential because that helps students feel safe (Except if there is a concern with child abuse).

I use targeted multi-sensory instruction. I am certified in the Orton-Gillingham-based Language! Program, however, the OG program that I use the most often is the Barton Program. One of my favorite programs is the LiPS Program by Lindamood Bell which I have been using for 14 years.


With me, your child will experience incredible outcomes, build confidence, and have life-changing results.


I am compassionate, fun, and I listen to the needs of both the parent and the student. If you want your child to have reading improvement, growth in fluency, and comprehension.


I work with students ranging in age from kindergarten to 12th grade as well as college and adult students.


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