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Stop Worrying. Get Help Now!

Heidi removes obstacles standing in the way of learning.

Let Heidi use her education, training, and intuition to guide your child to succeed.


What do you want more than to get your kid the best education?


Heidi Nord is a Master Certified Coach, and a leading voice on the brilliant minds of dyslexic and neurodivergent students.


Her #1 passion is empowering your kids and teens. Here’s what most parents want for their kids: More joy. More confidence. More energy. More happy days. More time to shine.


Heidi is passionate about creating virtual environments that create thriving students. Her training paired with her commitment and understanding of neurodivergent minds creates magical sparks.

She attained the following degrees: M.A. Degree in Education, Reading Specialist Credential, Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, Trained in LiPS Program, Trained in Seeing Stars, Certified in Orton Gillingham Program Language!, and Certified Martha Beck Master Coach.


Here’s what creating empowerment for your kids will gift you more time to spend creating a life for YOU instead of worrying about your kid.


When you partner with Heidi, you and your child’s success is not just “a maybe” or “a possibility”... it’s inevitable.

Schedule a Free 20 Minute Call Today

What do you want?


I want success for my kid.

I’m ready to take the plunge.

Help me empower my kid.

I don’t know how to start, but I know I want to talk with you, Heidi.

Schedule a Free 20 Minute Call Today

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