High School Program

Introducing Finish High School with Heidi

I provide a safe space for neurodiverse students to gather together to finish their high school diplomas in an inspirational format.

The #1 reason I am different is that I understand the mindset of neurodiverse teens.

I not only treat them well, but I value and honor what makes their brains tick, the unique offerings they bring to the table, and take an interest in how they can live their best lives.

Most teachers want to squash kids that are different, but I want to help them thrive. It's a different mindset.

Heidi has partnered with an independent online high school. We meet daily Monday through Friday, and your teen will not be required to be on-camera. All meetings are recorded, so you can watch the meeting at your own pace, if needed.

We have a community created, where you are encouraged to either get a job in your community or become an entrepreneur. This is a course created to move you through your classes so you can attain your degree, yet with flexibility so you can have a life as well.

Even if:

  • If you have been unsuccessful in school so far, and have failed every high school class, you can be successful in this program because it is different.

  • I encourage students, don't take attendance, or force them to be on camera.

  • I help you with turning in assignments as we read together and do work together to turn in online.

  • The whole process is streamlined.

  • If your student has cut every class and refuses to attend school, this is a perfect option for you.

  • Maybe a straight-up online school has not worked for you.

  • This blended program is unique and a perfect option.

This blended option, part online and part community building is a great option. It is independent learning blended with community building. Plus, your teen will have a dedicated teacher, Heidi Nord, for support and guidance. No more waiting for the online teacher to get back to you.

Imagine what it would be like to Graduate from high school and...

...Imagine what it would be like to see your child earn a high school diploma.

...How would it feel to stop worrying about your teen attending school?

...What would it be like to enter the grade book for your child and see the passing grades?

...How excited would you be to know your teen was going to complete their last high school class?

...Would you get more sleep if you knew your child was learning and feeling more confident in school?

You can easily accomplish all these things with Finish High School.

Finish High School with Heidi

My product takes the best of the online educational world and weaves it with creating a community of learners with a unique teacher ... Heidi Nord. I blend the diploma of an online school and their learning format with my unique talents to create a community of learners for support, quality of learning, and completion of assignments.

Do you want your teen to earn a high school diploma?

My program will ease the process of earning a high school diploma.

Need a way to stop monitoring and worrying about your kid in school?

With Finish High School with Heidi, your kid will feel so much better and make progress they will want to go to class.

...Finish High School is an incredible value.

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