Anxiety and Learning

One day I went to the doctor and said I was feeling anxious. She told me that anxiety was the #1 mental health diagnosis in the US.

We are a stressed and anxious society. Is it any wonder that kids feel anxious and that affects their learning?

After talking with my doctor I wanted to huddle in the closet, wrapped in a blanket to calm myself. Instead, I remembered one day, when I was student teaching, and the "master" teacher made students sit on their hands when they were "misbehaving."

These poor students who really needed more physical exercise were made to sit on their hands for almost an hour every day. That was in 1994, and I had a stomach ache every morning before I went to student teach with this woman.

Now, when you're a learner, anxiety causes harm in the learning process. When you have a teacher who yells at you, cuts you down, and can't see your true needs, anxiety will take over.

This is when mind-body interactions come into play because the mind does affect the body.

Instead of thinking about anxiety medication, consider removing the source of anxiety. Could it be the teacher, school staff, or system is causing anxiety in your child?

More times than not, when a student changes schools or starts a different educational program like homeschooling, the anxiety is reduced right off the bat. Let's learn to look at the source of the problem, not just using a bandaid.

Less stress, more learning,

Heidi Nord