Common Signs of Dyslexia

Would you be surprised that 1 of these 5 kids is dyslexic? That is the most common statistic associated with dyslexia, is that 1 out of every 5 students is dyslexic. When we look at failure and drop out rates, this makes sense. Facts about dyslexia Startling facts about dyslexia and related language-based learning disabilities:

  • Fifteen to twenty percent of the population has a reading disability.

  • Of students with specific learning disabilities who receive special education services, seventy to eighty percent have deficits in reading. Dyslexia is the most common cause of reading, writing and spelling difficulties.

  • If children who are dyslexic get effective phonological training in kindergarten and first grade, they will have significantly fewer problems in learning to read at grade level than do children who are not identified or helped until third grade.

  • Seventy four percent of the children who were poor readers in the third grade remained poor readers in the ninth grade. This means that they couldn't read well when they became adults.

  • Individuals inherit the genetic links for dyslexia.

  • Dyslexia affects males and females nearly equally, and people from different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds as well.

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