Dr. Reid Lyon

This video is from Reading Rockets with G. Reid Lyon, former Chief of the Child Development and Behavior Branch of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and a champion for all children becoming skilled readers.

I had the honor of hearing Dr. Lyon at the 2000 California Reading Conference. He is brilliant AND humble as they come! Reading Rockets summarizes this video in the following manner “Reading is a constellation of complex processes, which can be tough to manage for a beginning reader. G. Reid Lyon identifies the processes involved in reading, and describes how each is crucial for reading success.

Two commonly confused terms, phonics, and phonemic awareness are defined and exemplified. Lyon also emphasizes the emotion involved in success and failure for beginning readers. This is a perfect video for entering into the science of reading because it gets to the heart of how we learn to read and its essential components and he also gets to the heart itself… the emotional impact of being a child who struggles to read.

Dr. Lyon explains the complexity of skilled reading in clear, concise, accessible language and not just the processes of reading but the emotional impact readers who struggle face each and every day. Think for a moment… how much courage it takes to go to school each day and be a child who struggles to read. Could we, as adults, go to work each day and face similar struggles… no. But that’s what our children who have reading challenges face every day. That’s why we must do better.

Please go to The Orton Gillingham Online Academy for more information on teaching reading!

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