Dyslexia and Anxiety in Children

When Dyslexia Causes Ongoing Stress and Anxiety.

Kids with dyslexia can feel like nothing they do will make a difference. That’s often because they don’t know what’s “wrong” with them or why they just can’t read like other kids. After a while, the ongoing stress doesn’t just affect kids in the present.

One day, two parents, Juanita and Lupe came in for a meeting in my office. They wanted wanted to know if their daughter, Izzy’s struggles were related to dyslexia, so she could get the support she needed to be even more successful in life. They wanted their time as a family to be as happy as possible, with their daughter no longer stressing over homework.

Stress brings learning to a halt. Learning simply cannot happen when a student is stressed.

Usually, I get called in though when students are already in a cycle of stress. In fact, it’s usually the reason parents make an appointment with me.

Parents are looking to get their child educational support in the classroom in order to ease the student’s workload.

In addition to tutoring, parents can also enroll in a course to get their student assessed. One thing is for sure: there is always a catalyst for the call to acquire such educational services, no matter the provider, because there is a build-up to a crisis in the life of a dyslexic student.

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Dyslexia and Anxiety in Children

The system of red tape in schools basically forces a breakdown at some point. A dyslexic student has so many obstacles thrown at them that their life becomes very frustrating and a meltdown inevitably happens every time.