Dyslexia Screening

When you think about getting educational assistance for your child, most parents first go to their child’s teacher.

But hang on a second, is this always the best choice?

If your child struggles with reading, going to the same person who is not helping your child succeed may prove to be harmful. Most people think I’m being too harsh.

However, the reason going to some who may not be highly trained enough to deal with the particular challenges your child may face might wind up backfiring, to your child’s lack of literacy growth.

Many teachers, unfortunately, isolate children, work from outdated myths, and use scientifically unproven programs.

To counteract these challenges it is best to get professional‘s help from someone with a proven track record of success.

Whatever tutor you choose, make sure they have been trained about dyslexia and can positively with your child to create a great program where your child will succeed.

To your success,

Heidi Nord

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