Dyslexic Advantage

There are many advantages to being dyslexic.

In fact, when I diagnose dyslexia I look at a list of strengths the student has as well as the challenges he or she may possess.

We know enough now, to help every single dyslexic learner read.

However, looking at the strength of dyslexic Learners helps them recapture a sense of confidence, happiness, and Leadership. These traits are very important when looking at success in life.

Here are some of the traits that I believe are advantages of being dyslexic:

1. Highly creative

2. Seeing the bigger picture

3. Thinking outside the box – problem solving

4. Improved pattern recognition

5. Good spatial knowledge

6. Picture Thinkers

7. Sharper peripheral vision

8. Ability to become business entrepreneurs

Please go to this website if you would like to learn even more about the advantages of dyslexia.

Dyslexic Advantage


Heidi Nord