Hawaii Style

When I was in school, some teachers made me feel physically ill. I didn't know it at the time, but these were the same teachers who used guilt and shame as their major teaching methods.

So, when I watched my student, during her IEP, I was taken aback at how clearly her physical stress showed, yet no one at the meeting noticed except me.

Here were her symptoms:

* she started perspiring

* she tapped her fingers on the desk

* her eyes dilated

* I could see her pulse rate increase

* she kept asking to go back to class otherwise she would, "get in trouble" (this teacher knew of the IEP meeting, where students are always asked to participate

* her head was bowed down (shame stance)

Often, teachers damage students, especially ones in special education.

The way to teach is through:

1 - the correct programs which are based on scientific research

2 - Be chill - never yell at students, never demean students, never make them feel guilt, shame, or unworthiness

3 - Be a positive support in your student's life

I titled this article "Hawaii Style" because in the islands there is a spirit of aloha, welcoming, and positivity. And, in general, people are more relaxed.

Teach "Hawaii Style" and you will have happier, smarter, and more calm students.