Learning Letters and Sounds

Some students learn letters and sounds very easily. Others struggle with this which is a precursor to reading issues and/or dyslexia.

There is a continuum of reading. Some students will learn how to read with no instruction at all, lucky them! Other students need some instruction. And, about 30% of students need direct, explicit instruction.

Instead of educators congratulating themselves on the 70% who fair well with little instruction, the shift in thinking must be changed to instruct the 30% who is struggling.

I've been in many situations where administrators and teachers try to influence the students who are "almost proficient" leaving many students below this level to suffer educationally. This is an act of trying to save one's job, versus doing what is best for the whole community.

Targeting instruction to a handful of students in a classroom of 20 students is educational robbery.

We must learn and perform better as teachers. To that end, please see the link below in order to access the International Dyslexia Association Digital Library.

IDA: Dyslexia Digital Library

To Your Success!

Heidi Nord