Love Your Students

Students who have great challenges in school often act out on their greatest fears. Sometimes school staff gets frustrated with students who are not compliant, and this often pushes students further away from learning.

I've learned that great patience and love goes a very long way to help students learn. That, paired with the correct programs help students immensely.

Once students feel safe, supported, and connected their learning increases.

One student I worked with several years ago was receiving detentions and suspensions. On top of this, the student started skipping class because the frustration level got too high.

I've always recommended watching a person's behavior because how someone is acting is often a reflection of how they are feeling inside. This student felt shamed and that shame showed up in the classroom as very challenging behavior.

When I started working with this student, over time because the trust level became high, she not only would read to me, she wanted to read to me, sometimes for over an hour.

Once the correct intervention, care, and support were felt by the student, the desire to learn was incredibly strong.

I have never actually met a student who did not want to learn or was lazy, or rebellious. I've only met students who feel so upset and frustrated by their lack of progress that it's simply easier to misbehave.

We need to take a much different approach with students who thrive with true support, instead of giving detentions and suspensions. These actions will create a better, stronger society.

With Immense Love,

Heidi Nord