Orthographic Mapping

This video is about orthographic mapping. Orthographic mapping is the new way to build up sight word vocabulary.

Orthographic mapping has been as hot a topic as one can be in literacy. We have the research of Dr. Linnea Ehri to thank for that along with Dr. Dave Kilpatrick, who in his books, "Essentials of Assessing Preventing and Overcoming Reading Difficulties" and "Equipped for Reading Success" has launched the term and the underlying construct of orthographic mapping.

Dr. Anita Archer describes orthographic mapping, as a connection forming process because the term itself can take time to own.

Lyn Stone, a linguist from Australia, who has created a brief video, the orthographic mapping explainer, that does just that. It takes this complex term and processes and explains it clearly and explicitly AND bridges it into practice. It’s a brilliant video just like the brilliant (and often fun) Lyn Stone!

Please go to Keys for Learning for more information on Orthographic Mapping.

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