Reading is Not Natural

In this video, Dr. Stephanie Stoller reviews many things about the Science of Reading. Here are some thoughts from the video. Everyone learns to read in the same way. There is a known path to reading circuits. Young readers have not yet established these pathways and we must strengthen these pathways by teaching in an explicit, direct way. Reading is not natural, it needs to be taught. All students can learn to read but need to be taught directly. This is a great video to watch to inform yourself about the Science of Reading. Dr. Stephanie Stollar brilliantly summarized what is known about the science of reading into 6 big ideas. This is THE perfect video to introduce someone to the science of reading AND to extend the learning of those already on the path. The six big ideas she shares are: 1. Learning to read is not natural. 2. Everyone learns to read in the same way. 3. There is a known pathway for building the reading circuit. 4. Some students acquire these reading circuits or pathways more easily, others need lots of repetition and careful instruction to create these pathways but it is the same pathway. 5. All students benefit from explicit and systematic instruction in the skills that form this reading pathway. 6. Prevention is easier and cheaper than intervention. This is a must-watch video. Sincerely, Heidi Nord