Symptoms of Dyslexia

"Time and time again, I hear stories where parents express sentiments about the extreme intelligence of their children, yet these same children cannot express these gifts through written form. Later in this book we will talk a lot about how we confuse knowledge with intelligence in our educational system and how that is a huge mistake. However, in this chapter, what I really want to express is how I hear, see, and understand what parents of dyslexic children are currently experiencing and the steps required to relieve that pain for both you and your child.

I am familiar with the challenges you are facing through working with parents and students over the course of my career. Something must change and it must change now. The way dyslexic children are suffering constitutes a very real emergency. It is an emergency because the teenage rates of anti-anxiety medication are on the rise, as are the rates of teenage suicide. If we do not address learning issues (dyslexia being a big one) and treat them early and well, we are losing a critical mass of human potential.

Maybe Angela and Rick could not save Mario from being benched at recess because of his behavior. But what if his behavior stemmed from a learning issue? Going through a list of warning signs of dyslexia together, we noticed Mario had the following issues (please note that both current and past issues are relevant):

● A history of needing speech therapy

● b/d reversals in writing

● Confusion of vowels in writing

● Trouble with spelling

● Slow reading

● Difficulty sounding out words

● Rote memory issues

● Left/right confusion

● Could not tie his shoelaces until the second grade

● Had a challenge in terms of telling the time on an analogue clock"

Excerpt from book, The Brilliant Dyslexic: Super Smart, Can't Read

Other Symptoms of Dyslexia