I love being a part of a team. The togetherness, pulling together for one goal.

Team-building takes every partner coming to the plate to strive toward the same objectives.

If it's to win a baseball game, each player commits to practice, learning new skills, and helping the team be cohesive.

Every person is individual. So, each person on an educational team comes with their own ideas, backgrounds, and methods to move the student forward with their goals.

Parents hire and pay me to create learning success for their students. And because of my knowledge and experience, I am well-situated to find whatever may be blocking the student from success.

With learning, a cohesive team becomes crucial for the success of the students.

In the world, I am an observer. I observe the behavior of students, and that gives me insight on how to proceed with a plan of action.

As a part of a learning team, I like to have input and listen to the teachers who are working with the students I have in my current schedule.

When teachers, administrators, and support staff can embrace someone like me “from the outside” it’s a really healthy thing for the student.

What I’ve noticed over the years is that some teachers have higher self-esteem than others. The teachers with high self-esteem are happy and confident to have an outside source be a voice for the student’s needs.

Teachers with low self esteem? Well, they are not so happy to be kind, a team player, and/or respectful.

It makes sense to a certain degree because it’s the teachers with low self-esteem who invariably attack students for their perceived lack of knowledge or educational growth.

Someone with low self-esteem won’t be able to come to the plate with resources, methods, and scientifically proven methods to create student growth.

Read this study on the self esteem of teachers to learn more.


Heidi Nord

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