The Science of Reading

Most parents want to raise happy, healthy kids. So, when your child hits a roadblock, it is surprising and challenging.

Something that creates a block for your child creates stress on parents. Often parents are faced with sleepless nights, worrying thoughts during the day, and questions about their child's future.

When it comes to reading and learning how to read, educators in the United States are on a steep learning curve. The Science of Reading has been researched through the National Institute of Health in replicated studies since 1979.

We know exactly how to teach children to read, yet that research has not yet trickled down into the classroom. It is astonishing really, to think how far behind we are in education, due to the lack of education of our teachers in current reading research.

Between lobbyists at the state and national levels and educational companies desiring a huge profit, we have a multi-tiered problem facing our nation.

Often, the companies that do not believe in The Science of Reading are blocking educators from learning the important instructional scaffolding needed for students to learn how to read.

One group that has brought me much hope is The Science of Reading Facebook Group

This group is filled with educators both teaching and learning the Science of Reading. It is not politically motivated and is focused on creating stronger, better teachers. I highly recommend joining whether you are an educator or a parent. You will learn daily techniques on what most helps dyslexic students.

To Your Success,

Heidi Nord