What is Dysgraphia?

When reading this list of warning signs for dyslexia that Mario displayed, you might be saying, “Yep, yep, yep, my kid does the same things!”

Or you might be making a different list. We will be going through a more extensive one in Chapter 4, but just know for now that these are some of the challenges somebody with dyslexia might display.

The next thing I look at with parents is a couple of writing samples. What the writing samples tell me is what a child’s printing looks like so I can get an idea of whether handwriting is an issue. Often, dyslexia and dysgraphia go together.

Dysgraphia literally means difficulty with writing. Dysgraphia is when a person has difficulty with printing, meaning writing and forming letters. You can see how, if somebody has both dyslexia AND dysgraphia, it makes schoolwork even more challenging.

Please look at examples 1 - 4. Here you will see different examples of dysgraphia which inhibits students from making progress in their classwork.