What Way Should I Go?

Choices. We all like choices. When we get trapped and feel like we have no choices it creates deep depression.

But what happens when we have a multitude of choices? What then? If I am getting a dessert this question may be easy to answer if given the choices of chocolate cake, a sundae, or berry pie. I might grab at the chance for the ice cream sundae.

But let’s say you go to the Cheesecake Factory where there are at least 50 different kinds of cheesecake you can get for dessert. Does that make your choice easier or harder?

When you have a kid in school and they are having a challenge in learning, one choice is to ask for the school to assess your child. So you send a letter requesting testing. And once that trigger of paperwork is set, the school has a certain amount of time to respond to your request and test the child. The big problem is, what if this isn’t the best choice you could make as a parent?

What if the school doesn’t believe in certain learning disabilities and therefore won’t assess for that learning disability? Here again, with the choices. In this situation, you are likely to feel trapped.

Most of the parents I work with feel this way. They feel unsupported, trapped, and as a consequence, their child is not learning.

This situation usually brings a parent to me. What can be the benefit of working with somebody like me?

I am not bound by the red tape of a school district, a specific school, the influences of other teachers at the school site, or people who might differ in their opinion. When you choose a direction you want your child to go in, it’s good if you have a person on your side who can help your child to succeed. When we have a variety of teachers offering too many opinions it can pull you in many different directions.

When student learning outcomes are not focused and clear the student will have a very hard time being able to learn, because his or her learning will be pulled in different directions.

I’ve seen this time and time again when I read through IEP‘s and when I sit down with parents who tell me that they haven’t seen much growth for their child. They see that the SST team has put together goals, and at subsequent meetings, the teachers tell them their child has met their goals, however, the parent doesn’t see actual growth in their child.

My hands are completely free of red tape. This is one of the reasons I can help unleash success in your child. I do my homework and I research new teaching methods constantly. And the methods I choose align with my goal of getting growth for your student.

Stop being pulled in different directions by your educators and start working with somebody who is on your side and on the side of your child. The person you work with does not have to be me, but it could be somebody like me who sees that successful student inside your kid and can bring the successful student out so he or she can reach their goals.

Michelangelo, "Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it." I agree, and as a tutor, I see the ability to achieve in every child, and it is my task to uncover his or her success.

With Love,

Heidi Nord