Why is My Kid Failing in School?

The first thing I always do when meeting with new parents is have them fill out an online survey of the traits their child displays and a background history for their child. Most parents come to me completely frustrated because they know their kid is smart, bright, and capable and yet they are not doing well in school.

Here are some common things I’ve heard from parents over the course of my career:

“It doesn’t make sense, he walked so early!”

“She’s so bright, she could open the front door at twelve months.”

“He builds the most complicated Lego sets, but he can’t spell to save his life!”

“Mary can tell you about every detail in the Harry Potter books, but she scores low on reading comprehension.”

“You should see the detail my teen draws with, yet I can barely read his handwriting.”

“José knows every detail about how to save birds at the wildlife center, but when he wrote about birds, he just wrote, ‘I like birds.’”

“Tasha is very bright and has an amazing intuition, but she doesn’t know her multiplication tables.”

“Brian loves to make presentations, but don’t ask him to read out loud because he freezes up!”

Time and time again, I hear stories where parents express sentiments about the extreme intelligence of their children, yet these same children cannot express these gifts through written form.

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