I just had somebody on Facebook message me about whether or not dyslexia gets worse as you age. Here is my answer.

In general, dyslexia symptoms can seem to worsen when you are tired or stressed. I'm guessing you've already noticed this, so sleep and remaining calm are your new best friends. It takes an incredible amount of energy and time to edit things when you write, this leads to stress.

The more open and upfront you are with people the better off you will be. For example, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I use a lot of voice activation. Right now, I am using a Google doc with voice activation to write this, then I will transfer it into FaceBook Messenger. When I work with clients sometimes my right-hand hurts so much that I need to use my left hand. The people I work with are amazing and they don't really care that notes were taken with my left hand.

I tend to be very upfront with people about some of my issues and this seems to lead to them having more compassion for me. Sometimes I noticed that people with dyslexia are embarrassed because they have been shamed so much in the classroom. Teachers can be incredibly critical and have a lot of criticism for people with literacy issues.

One great thing to remember is that the general public understands much more about dyslexia than people in the field of Education. So hopefully you can surround yourself with people who are understanding. The other thing I think is a challenge is that we all have an inner critic. I don't know about you but when I make a mistake I can be very hard on myself because my parents were critical. Whatever you can do to let go of mistakes in writing and speaking will really help ease your mind.

Of course, there are many reading and writing programs that can help as well if you are interested in any of those. You can Google Dyslexia, Google Orton Gillingham Programs or go to the International Dyslexia Association website to get a wide array of help.

I am available for help too and you can email me at


Heidi Nord